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Timex launches Enter Thee Hottieverse VR promotion

AmazeVR, which is running Enter Thee Hottieverse VR concerts, will feature the ‘cult classic’ Timex T80 watch on avatars in a pre-concert interactive game.

AmazeVR, the company behind a 10-city VR concert tour, entitled “Enter Thee Hottieverse,” is teaming up with Timex, named the # 1 watch brand in the world by Rolling Stone, for an interactive user experience featuring the cult classic Timex T80 watch.

After arriving at a theatre and putting on a “Hottie-mounted displays” (VR headsets) in a pre-show, visitors will be given the chance to immerse themselves in an interactive VR game before experiencing a VR concert.

While playing the game, each player’s avatar will be wearing a 3-D version of the Timex T80 watch on their wrist.

“We are thrilled to partner with Timex, who are demonstrating the power of VR to connect with consumers in a way that is both authentic and unmissable,” said Jamie Burgess, AmazeVR’s VP of business development. “As we continue to develop and roll out more VR concerts, we are excited to do so in coordination with brand partners such as Timex to deliver unparalleled experiences for music fans.”

Integrating the Timex brand into AmazeVR’s concert experience is just the latest innovation for the company. After investing years of R & D into the concert VR experience, AmazeVR brings a mix of 9K cameras and Unreal Engine-based software effects to bear on the first-ever VR concert tour.

“Our partnership with AmazeVR brings revolutionary technology to the Timex brand, an arbiter of style and timekeeping – IRL and now virtually,” says Shari Fabiani, SVP of brand marketing and creative services for Timex Group. “Legions of ‘Hotties’ will get to experience our iconic T80 watch in a fresh new way for the first time.”

Social media influencers are to share ticket giveaways for the chance to Enter Thee Hottieverse and experience this group-interactive, immersive VR concert, and would be fans can enter a draw to win a ticket on

The tour begins in Los Angeles on April 5 and ends in New York City on July 3, passing through AMC Theatres nationwide.

Tickets for Enter Thee Hottieverse are currently on sale at