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New XR experiences shine at SXSW

SXSW 22 braved the Omicron boom to plan this year’s festivities. The first IRL SXSW appearance since 2019 seemed anemic. Local media are saying sales are down 20%, but sources in Hypebot say the venerable gathering could be more than a third from pre-pandemic levels. Where festival-goers can expect to walk shoulder to shoulder anywhere.

HaritoraX is a $270 motion tracking device for waist and leg movements that is compatible with , [+] SteamVR. The art of real-time animation, also known as “avataring” and “avatar streaming”, is about to explode.

To be honest, I liked it, except for the thin creative conference floor. There were enough people to keep it social, but the usual crowd problems, such as not coming to the restaurant, went away. For all that, the XR was exceptionally well represented. The only place you had to stand in line was the VR experience. We didn’t spend enough time for that and only saw a third of the experiences. Blogger and XR developer based in Turin, Italy, Tony Vitillo also created virtual SXSW with VRroom. It was his first SXSW and even in uncertain circumstances, you can feel the excitement he experienced.

“The real magic of SXSW to me is the unexpected,” Vitilo writes in his popular tech blog. “One day I went to dinner and found myself doing rodeo on a mechanical bull. You plan some parts of your day, but other parts will be arranged for you by the magic of SXSW.”

Zuck doubled, tripled and quadrupled on the meta metaverse.

The convention center where the famous SXSW Creative Expo and many conference keynotes and panels take place was half its normal size. Mark Zuckerberg appeared on the Metaverse from afar and doubled, tripled and quadrupled down. Scott Galloway is betting on Apple to dominate the next generation of mobile computingAlthough Apple has not yet extended its hand in the XR. Former Nintendo CEO Replaces VC Reggie Fils—Amy Thinks the Metaverse Is Another Way to Talk About Roblox, He is also a big Fortnite fan. second Life The creator and consultant talked about the first virtual world, or metaverse, on a panel that included Epic Games’ Raffaella camera and Ready Player Me founder Timmu Toke, whose avatar system is used by more than 1600 games.

Philip Rosedale holding court after his panel at SXSW22. Founder of “Second Life”, Pratham , [+] Metaverse has been a major figure in tech since being CTO of Real Networks in the 90s.

Amazed VR
Enter Charming, Megan Starring Three Stallions First ever VR concert tour. Wrapping at AMC movie theaters in Los Angeles beginning April 5 and in New York City between June 30 and July 3. Dedicated fans of Megan – affectionately known as “hotties” – will be able to put on the provided “hottie mounted display” (VR headset). ), settle in and walk around the VR Hottiverse lobby before seeing Megan. The VR concert performance will feature a multi-song set that plays through a range of environments as well as heated custom wardrobes designed for the show. AmazeVR used proprietary high-definition, live-action capture with state-of-the-art computer-generated AI, effects and graphics. Tickets are on sale at

Rachna uses tabletop projection to enable its unique multi-media experience.

Combination is a multimedia experience that uses table top projects and blocks to generate musical patterns using AI that users place on the tabletop. If you put the blocks together, you can make it play a chord. Director Vincent Morissette is known for his artistic use of technology and interactivity. His studio AATOAA (pronounced toi, meaning ‘yours’) is reshaping how we experience the Internet, games, public places, and movies.

miro shot, a London art rock collective led by Roman Rapac, brought a small sample of their incredible multi-media performances to the Hideout Theater for several nights. Audience members are given an old Samsung Gear headset. During the show it seems to be in sync with the music and everyone is seeing the same thing in their HMDs. But, probably not. Sometimes you don’t know if you’re watching VR, MR or you’re in some kind of avant-garde film from the 70s, with the video and distortion effects we see in Snap camera filters today. I had an epiphany after the show. Location-based XR experiences, integrated with live performance, are the future of music, and perhaps even theatre. Coachella was also using it before the pandemic.

Miro shot on stage at SXSW22.

Tony Vitilo
Experiencing Miro Shot live and in VR.
Tony Vitilo
Interestingly, Snap recently launched Landmarkers, which will allow bands to fill a venue with AR experiences, which can be searched via Snapcode in the venue. Similarly, Niantic’s new Lightship AR game engine is designed to simplify reality by combining AR experiences with the real world. They just bought 8th Wall to do this with WebXR – no app download required. Founder Eric Murphy-Chutorian was in town with his team, speaking and on a victory lap.

Gone are the crushing crowds and elaborate media activities that cost millions of dollars in the past. In 2018, to promote westworld, HBO cast members of the press and VIPs in an actual western city they built. In 2019, Amazon created a catered haunted environment promoting live actors lucky Cue, In 2022, the people we had are experiencing excellent XR over the past three years