Press Clipping
New XR Experiences Shine At SXSW

Enter The Hottieverse, starring Megan Three Stallion is the first ever VR concert tour. In AMC movie theaters starting in Los Angeles April 5 and wrapping in New York City between June 30-July 3. Megan’s devoted fanbase – affectionately known as “Hotties” – will be able to put on the provided “Hottie Mounted Displays” (VR headsets), settle in, and hang out in the VR Hottieverse lobby before watching Megan. The VR concert performance will feature a multi-song set that moves through a series of environments as well as hot custom wardrobes designed just for the show. AmazeVR used proprietary high-definition, live-action capture with sophisticated computer-generated AI, effects and graphics. Tickets are on sale at