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The Megan Thee Stallion Virtual Reality Experience Will Be Hot Enough To Touch

H-Town hottie Megan Thee Stallion is stepping into the metaverse for a virtual tour that promises to be unlike anything fans have experienced before.

Megan Thee Stallion is getting closer to her fans like never before — this time partnering with LA-based virtual reality company, AmazeVR, to bring a next-level type of experience to her fans.

Thee Stallion will be doing a 10 city virtual reality tour called “Enter Thee HottieVerse” that promises to bring Megan fans closer than ever to their favorite Hotgirl, according to AmazeVR. The show will be an “excellent way for people to both experience VR at a low barrier to entry, at a movie theater, and in the presence of other Hotties,” said Co-CEO of AmazeVR, Ernest Lee.

“Virtual reality has always been an interest of mine and I’m glad that we’ll be able to make history with this experience,” Megan said. “My hotties will get to watch me perform in a completely different and unique way and I appreciate the AmazeVR team for helping me to bring this VR vision to life. I can’t wait to see the Hotties show up to the tour.”

Fans will attend a live event in a local theatre and will be provided with “Hottie Mounted Display” virtual reality headsets upon arrival. The visuals will begin as if they are actually entering a concert. Megan will then perform a total of four songs that will be viewed through the headset right in front of their eyes.

The presale for the tour begins tomorrow, March 2nd at 10 AM on Amaze VR’s website. The tour is set to kick off in April and end in July — it will be available in local movie theaters in select cities: Los Angeles (April 5-10); San Francisco (April 21-24); Chicago (May 5-8); Dallas (May 12-15); Houston (May 19-22); Atlanta (May 26-29); Miami (June 2-5); Charlotte (June 16-19); Washington DC (June 23-26); New York (June 30-July 3).

Megan is amping up her hotties to join her in her virtual environment. In the video announcing the tour, the cyber-hottie is looking intergalactic with two long braided pigtails down her back as well as two antenna braids at the front.

Megan assured fans of a guaranteed fire experience, saying, “If y’all not coming, y’all bumming”.

Megan Thee Stallion isn’t the only one venturing out to virtual reality. Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak have skated their way into the virtual world of Fortnite.

The hit-making duo are featured as a “skin” in Fortnite, allowing players to appear as either Mars or Pak characters in the game. The duo’s skin includes their signature 70s-inspired outfits, a new radio station of soul and R&B classics hosted by funk pioneer Bootsy Collins, and a player tournament.