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Megan Thee Stallion preps a ‘VR concert tour’ with AmazeVR

Physical touring is getting back up and running, but artists continue to explore new ways of playing live online. The latest example is Megan Thee Stallion, who is working with startup AmazeVR on an ‘Enter Thee Hottieverse US Tour’ that will run between April and July.

Yes, this is about virtual reality, but not in your own home. Instead, fans will buy tickets to watch the show from cinemas in 10 US cities, where they will be provided with VR headsets to “settle in, and hang out in the VR Hottieverse lobby before watching Megan”.

A preview of the tour will be shown off at SXSW this month as a teaser. It’s one of the most ambitious events yet for AmazeVR, after a period of successful fundraising.

The startup took investment from K-Pop firm YG Entertainment in early 2020; raised a $9.5m funding round in April 2021; then another $15m round in January 2022. The company has said it wants to be releasing new concerts every week by 2024 for cinema and home viewing.