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AmazeVR adds $15M for VR concerts with Megan Thee Stallion, more

AmazeVR has closed a $15M funding round to expand its VR concerts platform, Megan Thee Stallion is working with the startup to produce a VR concert in select AMC Theatres in the Spring of 2022.

AmzaVR has raised $30,8M to date.

Funding for this round came from Partners Investment, Smilegate Investment, Quantum Ventures Korea, ABC Partners, Everrich Group, and GS Futures, the corporate venture capital arm of Korea’s GS Group.

The Megan Thee Stallion VR concert will showcase AmazeVR’s proprietary 9K cameras and software that can automate complex Unreal Engine-based visual effects and run more than 100 headsets at a time. Using this tech, the company hopes to scale content creation to release weekly VR concerts by 2024 to both in-theater and at-home viewers.

“You really need to experience our VR concerts to get a full grasp of how impactful they are.”
“This funding allows us to keep hiring aggressively,” says AmazeVR co-CEO Ernest Lee. “In 2021, we tripled our team in Hollywood and Seoul. We’ve been able to attract top talent from the industries we touch,” including creatives who have worked with artists such as Kanye and Cardi B; a former marketing director at Live Nation; a film buyer for Regal/Cinemark; and an AI engineer from NVIDIA.”

“You really need to experience our VR concerts to get a full grasp of how impactful they are. VR can finally blow all 2D experiences out of the water. Thanks to our tech, we can evoke a real sense of presence you can’t get from a screen, the feeling that your favorite artist is right there, face to face with you,” Lee continues. “This opens up a new dimension for music, one of the first new ways for artists and fans to connect since recordings appeared.”